IndicatorTotal per capita expenditure on the preservation, protection and conservation of all cultural and natural heritage (constant PPP$ - 2017)Information on item
Australia....Information on item
Belarus..Information on item72.7....
Bosnia and Herzegovina..51.649.552.3
ColombiaInformation on item74.2Information on item133.1Information on item79.7..
CzechiaInformation on item175.7Information on item170Information on item160.6..
Ecuador..Information on item26Information on item27.3Information on item26.4
FinlandInformation on item201.5Information on item196.9Information on item213.8..
FranceInformation on item116.1Information on item129.6Information on item151.8..
Georgia....Information on item
Information on item14.6
Greece....Information on item10.8..
Israel..Information on item56.7Information on item45.8..
Luxembourg....Information on item205.3Information on item220.8
Malta....Information on item516.6..
Mauritius......Information on item14.6
MexicoInformation on item16.9Information on item13.6Information on item10.3Information on item11.5
Norway....Information on item23.8Information on item22.6
Poland..Information on item104.4Information on item99.1Information on item94.4
PortugalInformation on item50.5Information on item51.4Information on item42..
SpainInformation on item74.2Information on item79.8Information on item61.7..
Sri Lanka....Information on item10..
SwedenInformation on item108.3Information on item95.4Information on item97.7Information on item130.3
SwitzerlandInformation on item187.2Information on item198.2Information on item195.1..
UIS Estimation
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